History of our School

Kenwyn Primary School (KPS) was founded in 1920 by the Lansdowne farming community and became a Cape Education Department School on its present site in 1923. Initially it catered for pupils from Grade 1 to 8. Later the Grade 8s formed the foundation of Windsor High School and in the 1940s the Foundation Phase section was removed and became Windsor Preparatory. (Initially all three schools were called Lansdowne, changing to Windsor after the political events of the 70s. This school changed its name to Kenwyn Primary after opening its own Foundation Phase department to avoid confusion with Windsor Preparatory.)

This part of Lansdowne and Crawford was declared a White Group Area in the 1970s. The property was bought up by land owners and the school population became very much ‘renters’.

As people managed to get around the Group Areas Act in the 1980s, many folk moved into the area who could not enrol at the school. As a result numbers dwindled to about 130 at the end of the 1980s.

1991 saw the school going ‘open’ and very soon the demographics of the school changed completely and it quickly grew. Grades 1 to 3 were once again added. The school has now reached its capacity and has over 600 learners. 

Kenwyn Primary School is situated in the part of Lansdowne commonly known as Kenwyn. Most of the children come from outside Kenwyn.

The school used to be a Senior Primary School (Grade 4-7) drawing most of the learners from Windsor Preparatory School which is nearby.

It now consists of classes ranging from Grade R-7. The first Grade R class was introduced in 2013.